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Tanisi Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Ermineskin Elementary School!

First and foremost, I want to thank you for choosing our school as your preferred choice for educating your child. We want to welcome you to our family of learners at Ermineskin Elementary School.

Ermineskin Elementary School shares a wealth of history in the community that we are so proud to carry on. We strongly encourage the integration of the culture and Cree language in our school and do our best to teach the children about living the “Cree way”. We also value the importance of education and it is our responsibility, along with yours, to foster a love for learning. We have taken great pride in setting a very high standard of education that complies with the outcomes as outlined in the Alberta Curriculum.

As a parent, there are several things you can do to assist us in making sure your child has a successful year. Education is not the sole responsibility of the teacher. In fact, as the parent you are considered your child’s first teacher. You are also the most influential and can make a significant impact on the success your child experiences both in school and at home. Here are some tips to helping your child begin a new school year:

1. Routine in the home is important to getting children on track at school. A routine bedtime is very important and adequate sleep helps your child start off on the right foot.

2. Make attendance a priority for your children. This includes ensuring your child arrives on time.

3. Positive attitude about the school, the teachers, and education as a whole is important.

4. Reassure your child. When your child is uncertain or afraid, just remember to be supportive.

5. Come into the school and become involved. Children who have support at home clearly have a better chance at succeeding in school.

6. Homework is part of our program and it is expected that our students complete homework on a regular basis. You can assist your child by providing positive feedback about the work that is completed and assisting your child by providing guidance to ensure it gets done.

Again, I welcome you all to another great year with us. Take care and may the Creator guide you down happy and safe trails.

Ay Hay, Debbie Michael -- Principal