Principal’s Message

Miyo Kisikaw!


I would like to express my pride for all the students and staff at Ehpewapahk Alternate School! 2017/18 was a year of transitions and change. We faced our challenges and got through it stronger and more resilient. All the changes were tough but being in our new school made all of our struggles worth while.

Also huge congratulations to the 6 graduates from EHP! You worked hard and had the discipline to see it through. Well done!

2018/19 is going to be a new chapter for EHP. I have high expectations for my staff and students. I want to take our program to the next level through collaboration with EJSH, MOS and the other schools joining MESC.

EHP will focus on 3 things.


1)Nehiyaw Identity

2)Health & Wellness



            We want to empower our students to be Cree speaking, resilient and informed about the process for finding employment or pursuing further education. EHP is going to build students’ capacity so they are successful, healthy Cree people who contribute to their community in a positive way.

Ay Hay!