Purpose of Ehpewapahk

Introduction to our School

Good things come in small packages. That is certainly true for Ermineskin Ehpewapahk Alternate School. Our beautiful new school is located next to Ermineskin Headstart near the Panee. Named for the Nehiyaw word, the bright morning sun or a new day our school provides an environment where students are able to work on improving literacy and math skills, personal wellness, employment preparation and life skills.

We currently have  50 students ranging in ages from 14 to 19 years of age. We work with community agencies to increase awareness of different career paths and transitioning students from school to post-secondary or the workforce.

Cree language and culture is also one of Ehpewapahk’s priorities. We also have an on-sight sweatlodge which we are waiting to get constructed. Ehpewapahk staff also incorporate language and culture into their daily lessons including smoking meat, studying Treaty, reviewing historical and current government and First Nations relationships, attending Cultural Camps and so much more.

Ehpewapahk School is a trauma sensitive school. Our school prides itself on offering a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere which encourages student wellness and learning. Our staff are trained in Crisis Prevention and Trauma Informed Care.

It is important to note that while the Ehpewapahk program does not offer high school credits, we are very successful in offering a program that will provide the skills and confidence needed for our students to transition into college or the workforce.